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Traffic control and design from Ukraine's leading experts

We are a team of engineers in various fields of traffic control from Ukraine. The least experienced of us has two decades of hands-on experience in traffic management.

We know in depth every stage of traffic engineering:

Road and intersection design
Traffic count and data analysis
Urban traffic control systems design, installation, and instruction
Traffic signal analysis and installation
Development of road traffic models and advanced traffic management
Application of state-of-the-art road traffic optimization methods
Traffic flow optimization to maximize the Level of Service

We can significantly improve any junction. In practice, almost all traffic bottlenecks are caused by erroneous traffic signal timing or intersection schemes. Even with the traffic exceeding 1,900 vehicles per lane per hour, urban traffic jams can still be replaced with a moving queue.

An example of our work can be seen in Odessa, Ukraine, a major industrial city of a million population. The city had been choked with traffic jams: a 1.5-hour drive from residential areas to downtown, and 40 minutes to one hour drive through the downtown. In six months, we removed every traffic bottleneck in the city. Simply speaking, no traffic jams anymore. Media called it a road revolution, a miracle, but we know what it really was: six months of hard work backed by experience and creativity. And the hardware cost of relieving an entire city from traffic jams was below $100,000. We removed two dozen traffic lights, installed a few traffic lights in other places, drastically redesigned traffic flows at major intersections, changed phase timings, installed a simple urban traffic control system with basic CCTV cameras - and voila, the roads are now almost empty.

We mind the costs. No other traffic consulting company would offer you signal controllers with RF-over-intersection instead of expensive cabling, GPRS instead of fiber optic lines to the UTS center, retrofit LED lamps for your existing traffic lights, and $120 CCTV cameras. No other traffic consultant would charge just $250 per person per week for the work of its installation personnel. And we do not even charge our customers for the things which cost dearly with other traffic services providers: traffic count, supplier consulting, and subsequent support.

We work very fast. It is not uncommon for our engineers on assignment to run 12-hour shifts, six days a week. Optimization of a large road intersection, from traffic count to traffic flow scheme to traffic signal installation typically takes 12-15 days only. Smaller crossroads can take as little as two or three days.

Road Traffic Design, Control, and Consulting