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Traffic Optimization made Affordable

You've heard about adaptive traffic controls, macro-modeling, and hi-tech sensors. They're expensive, right? The good news is, you need none of these things.

Adaptive traffic control systems claim 20% LoS improvement at most. They really deliver 5-7%. Despite their mammoth costs, the results they deliver are hardly noticeable to drivers.
No computer model delivers anything like real-world results. Too many factors affect traffic flow, and the task of predicting them is far beyond the intelligence of any computer.
Sensors can't hurt, but why would you need them? All you really care about is whether the queue increases or decreases. And queue length is easily monitored with a $150 camera, or even by human observers.

Face it: traffic optimization is an art, not a science. Why, then, do so many people try to do it with electronic gadgets? Simply speaking, they do it to make money, but also because top-level traffic professionals are few and expensive to hire.

Here is the solution: highly skilled traffic-optimization engineers from Ukraine. For decades, these engineers honed their skills working in the mission-impossible conditions of Eastern Europe: bad roads, a near-total lack of highways, and no funding for any improvements, from multilevel junctions down to simple shoulders.

You can hire us to redesign your entire city's traffic plan, to fix a stand-alone choke point, or even to outsource the mundane job of splitting pedestrian phases and calculating short night-time phases. All for a fraction of what it would cost in the West.

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